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10 Habits that Will Make You Smarter

Abraham Lincoln once said: "I am not a high opinion of the man who today is not wiser than he was yesterday."

Thus, under the mind is meant here is not academic learning, and human development in a personal or professional level globally. The ability to learn something new every day, constantly moving forward, do not stop there - the most important skill of modern man. How to do it and what should be a habit to develop, to become more intelligent?


1. Asking questions

As children, we did not know the boundaries in their curiosity. Literally everything that surrounds us, aroused interest and relevant questions: "Why is the sky blue", "Why is a dog barking and a cat meowing?", "Why is snow white?". As we grow older, we are more concerned some practical aspects of everyday life. Places for the knowledge of the world is running short, and besides, the interest fades.

2. Reading

Smartphones, tablets, e-books and the Internet gives us the opportunity to in a matter of seconds to get access to almost everything that has ever been written by a man. Instead, we often spend time on Facebook scrolling tape and watching funny video with cats and dogs. Undoubtedly, relax and get a positive charge so that you can, but completely organize your leisure - no. But regularly reading it, you'll not only constantly acquire new knowledge, but also to conduct training for your mind, keep it in good shape. For example, if you don't know how to write your assignment you can easily order assignment writing services at, and after that can read your favorite book!

3. Sharing new knowledges

After reading the book? Talk about it with those who also read it. Exchange new knowledge and ideas is an effective way to consolidate and better understanding of the material. During this discussion, you will get additional insight about the work itself, and made other lessons. In any case, you will learn more. It does not matter with whom you exchange knowledge - with family, friends, colleagues or with members of the thematic forum or group in the social network, because the process of deepening your knowledge, conclusions, and makes more aware. In addition, it has a social side - you will be able to gain and strengthen relationships with other people, find friends and like-minded people.

4. Apply the knowledge gained

Learning anything without practice in full is impossible. This truth is as old as the world. You can not start playing the guitar just seeing a series of training videos on YouTube and are not taking up the guitar. Just reading this article, you are unlikely to become much smarter. But if you follow even a few rules that are described in it, the changes will see.

5. Search for interesting people and resources

Social networks and the subscription to the newsletter made the process of tracking the news on the topics you are interested in is very easy. Do not use this to get new knowledge simply impermissible. And if you find an interesting resource or expert saw an entertaining performance at TED - take a few minutes to search for information about the resource representation or presence of the human profile in social networks, subscribe to updates / add friends. It is normal practice that will allow you to stay up to date with new materials and surround yourself with the fact that you really interesting.

6. Out of the comfort zone

In the comfort zone has its pluses and minuses. But in order to learn something new and learn something, often you need to make an effort to overcome fear and step into the unknown. When I started to work on articles for the blog, I, frankly, was terrible. I did not know what the article will be of interest to readers and how they will respond to them; afraid to make mistakes. All of this, I'm afraid now, carefully thinking through topics, collecting material and checking texts. But it became much easier to cope with the very sense. In part, this has come with experience. But to experience it would be nowhere to take, if a couple of years ago, the first step was not perfect. So do not be afraid of the new, expand the boundaries of your comfort zone and act!

7. Healthy food

Healthy eating does not endow you with abilities like the protagonist of the film "Limitless", but its undoubted benefits for the body is proved by numerous studies. Including, as regards operation of the brain. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, fish - this is an incomplete list of "smart" products for smart people. Do not forget to include them in your diet.

8. Do not watch TV

Not that television is the worst and useless human invention, but it takes away time. A lot of time. This benefit is derived from this very rarely. But our mind has to work and during leisure time. So better to prefer watching TV crossword puzzles, reading, video games (not the ones where the problem is reduced to the destruction of the hordes of bloodthirsty monsters, and logical development games). Even banal Tetris is an excellent workout for the brain.

9. Maintain an active lifestyle

Not only is proper nutrition is useful for the brain. Maintain a healthy lifestyle in general is also important, because, keeping the body healthy, we, as taught by the saying, keep it in a healthy spirit. Therefore, you should pay attention to their daily physical condition. At least a little: a walk in the park at lunch, after work, walk, climb the elevator and the stairs, make a small charge in the morning. These little things are minor, but are able to favorably influence on our body. Do not be lazy!

10. Do overcharging

Every day, our body and brain need recharging. Her body receives during sleep, but do recharge for the brain to learn. It is necessary to allocate yourself a little time each day, eliminating any external stimuli. Let it be 10 minutes before bedtime or after waking, during which time you meditate, clearing the mind of the accumulated problems, unresolved issues and disturbing situations. Try it - it does not need to be a master of meditation. And most importantly, by the time you realize how much easier it relaxed and taken over the case after such relaxation sessions.