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Jony Ive - Legendary Designer of Apple

Jony Ive is one of the most famous contemporary designers. He has created the appearance of the legendary models of iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iOS painted design - all of these are hundreds of millions of people around the world.


Recently published a book was published about this interesting man, some thoughts from which I would like to share in this article.


British Design Schools

From the book about Jony Ive I learned that the roots of design schools are in the distant 70's, when the UK was actively developing direction of "technology and design." This area is very spread with the help of Johnny's father - Mike Quince. As a result, even in schools, taught tech design - something like our work, but at a very serious level, like the Essay Vikings writing company, and not as an "object for idlers." I think that in all countries will soon come to this, although the word "designer" has already managed to gain in the all languages to some unpleasant and disrespectful tone.

The Breadth of Design Thinking

Here is an interesting quote: "In the UK, there is a perception that the designer like the letter 'T': it has the depth of knowledge in one area and breadth of understanding of other areas of design." A good designer must consider many different areas. The designer, who specializes in something one can never really open up.

Vulnerability Ideas

Another thought Jony Ive just sunk into my soul: "Ideas are very vulnerable". This idea is shown in the book are very vivid example. In 2003, before the launch of Apple iPod mini designers showed the first prototype multitouch, as a result they began to actively discuss on any Apple hardware can put this novelty. So the idea of ​​the first smartphone from Apple. But this idea was still very much cheese and it was impossible to go to Steve Jobs, who could only say that this is nonsense and nobody wants.

The idea should be prepared.

Our most good ideas are very vulnerable, so they should be to be as careful as they are in the development stage. One careless criticism on the part of our interest can ruin standing - how often I come across such situations in their lives.